Our staff includes trained facilitators of the Duluth curriculum, and we have staff certified to provide the “In Our Own Best Interest” and the WhyTry? curriculums. We pride ourselves on having some of the best-trained, long term facilitators. We experience very little turnover, with an average tenure of over 10 years per staff member.

Beth Murphy Beams

Beth holds a B.A. in Anthropology, Indiana University, highest distinction, and is a licensed social worker, having received awards as Outstanding Domestic Violence Professional (ICADV), “Citizen of the Year” (Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers), “Great Men and Women” (Multicultural Services, IPFW) and “Hidden Heroines” (FW Women’s Bureau). Annually, since 1996, she has conducted the national trainings “In Our Best Interest” and “Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter” on behalf of the National Training Project, Duluth, MN. She has been employed at the Center for Nonviolence in Ft. Wayne as Coordinator of Women’s Programs since 1984. She has served in the past as Associate Faculty, IPFW, Women’s Studies Program, as Director of Education for Planned Parenthood of NE Indiana, as Women’s Advocate for the YWCA Women’s Shelter, and as Crisis Counselor for the Rape Crisis Center in Ft. Wayne. She has served on the Mayor’s Commission on Domestic Violence, and has offered keynote speeches and trainings to the Indiana Coalition against Domestic Violence, the Pennsylvania Coalition against Domestic Violence, the Texas Council on Family Violence and the National District Attorneys Association Annual Conference on Domestic Violence. She serves on the D.V. Advisory Committee of the Indiana Supreme Court.

John Murphy Beams      

John holds a law degree from Indiana University, Bloomington. He is a licensed social worker and a divorce mediator. He has conducted the Duluth trainings nationally since 1996. He has served as ICADV Batterer Intervention Program Standards Committee Representative, past chair of the Domestic Violence Task Force in Ft. Wayne, and consultant to the Violence against Women Grant Office, Washington, D.C. He provided policy, curriculum and facilitation for batterer intervention (B.I.P.) groups continuously from 1981through 2015. Earlier in his career he practiced law, first as Allen County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, later as civil rights attorney and executive director of the Metropolitan Human Relations Commission, and finally in private solo practice.

He is certified by Indiana Coalition against Domestic Violence (ICADV) as a batterer intervention Supervisor/Trainer. He serves on the Domestic Violence Advisory Committee of the Indiana Supreme Court.

Publications and Awards received: “Co-citizen of the Year” (Indiana Chapter, NASW), “Exemplary Service to the Community” (NAACP), “Great Men and Women” (Multicultural Services, IPFW) and “BIP Provider of the Year” (ICADV). He co-authored Indiana Standards for Batterer Intervention Programs, and has authored articles for Bulletin of the Peace Studies Institute, Manchester College, and Changing Men Magazine. He was featured in Gender-Based Perspectives on Batterer Programs: Program Leaders on History, Approach, Research, and Development (Edward W. Gondolf, 2015, Lexington Press). 

Ana Giusti
Born and raised in Peru, South America, Ana has been employed at the Center for Nonviolence as the Latina Coordinator since 1999. Ana has done work as a bilingual executive secretary for the American Embassy (Peru) and as a bilingual receptionist with Lake City Bank. Ana has spent much of her time in the Fort Wayne community advocating for the Latino community and survivors of domestic violence. She initiated the Spanish-speaking domestic violence support program at the Center, and has been involved in a variety of community collaborations and initiatives including: Matthew 25 Health Clinic; the Hispanic Leadership Coalition of Northeast Indiana (HLCNI); the Grassroots Leadership Development Program (GLDP); and helped bring the Mexican Consulate to Fort Wayne to assist Mexican nations. Ana interprets for State, City, County and local service providers and advocates for policy changes affecting issues related to the Latino community. Ana is the recipient of several awards including: IPFW’s Great Men & Women Award in 2003; the Torchbearer Award in 2004; the Governor’s Award from the State of Indiana; and the City of Fort Wayne Mayor’s Award in 2004.

Elka Jackson

Elka Jackson is an ICADV-certified Violence Interventionist, Senior Program Coordinator in the Center for Nonviolence Women’s Program, and member of the Staff Administrative Team. She holds a B.A. in English and Sociology, a B.S. in Secondary Education, and a Master's degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Critical Literacy Studies, Composition, and Rhetoric. Elka is also a Montessorian, trained and certified through the American Montessori Society and the Houston Montessori Graduate Center for Educators. Prior to joining the CfN staff, Elka taught in the Fort Wayne Community Schools system and also teaches writing, rhetoric, and African-American literature at Indiana Tech University. Elka has been the recipient of several awards, including a National Writing Project Fellowship and the Center for Civic Education Fellowship for Teachers. She is very active on behalf of peace-justice issues and LGBTQ+ rights and is a co-founding member of the Northeast Indiana LGBTQ+ Coalition. She has also served on the United Way Inclusiveness Cabinet, the United Way Standards Review Team, the It Is Well with My Soul Program Planning Team, and the board of the Three Rivers Institute of Afrikan Art and Culture.

Maralee Martin
Maralee has been facilitating Women’s groups at the Center for Nonviolence for 15 years and has been a Coordinator of the Women’s Program since 1996. She is trained in the internationally recognized Duluth Model Domestic Violence Curriculum “In Our Best Interest.” Maralee has served on the Mayor’s Commission on Domestic Violence, Rape, and Sexual Harassment. She has been contracted by Childcare of Allen County to act as a Mentor for teachers in creating “Peaceable Classrooms” and Maralee has been a nominee for the SCAN’s outstanding Service Award. Maralee is an expert on the “In Our Best Interest” curriculum, training domestic violence practitioners at National and State conferences. Maralee also shows her passion for nonviolence through art. Maralee expresses this passion by working with the youth at the Center for Nonviolence and collaborating with other community organizations – including the students of the Three River’s Jenbé Ensemble - encouraging children’s artistic curiosity through visual artistic expression and collaborative design.

Tasha Sare
Tasha holds a B.A. in Sociology and Women’s Studies; A.S. Early Childhood Education; and a Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies, IPFW. Tasha is also a Certified Community Mediator. Throughout her academic career, she was awarded the Arnold O. Olsen award for excellence in Sociology in addition to the Joan Daly Uebelhoer award for academic excellence coupled with political activism. Tasha has worked in the Center’s Youth Program since 2001, and has been the Youth Coordinator since 2007. Tasha has worked with children and families in the Fort Wayne Community since 1998—working for Bright Horizon’s Family Solutions, Daybreak Children’s Shelter, CANI (Head Start Teacher), and Children First Center (Family Support Worker). She is currently serving on the Take Back the Night Steering Committee and the Great Kids Great Communities Board.

Dawn Witte
Dawn holds a B.A. from Purdue University – Fort Wayne with majors in Psychology and Sociology. She has been the Finance and Development Coordinator for the Center for Nonviolence since August 2005. She has worked in the Fort Wayne nonprofit community since 1996 – working at the YMCA – Youth Service Bureau, Children’s Sanctuary and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne. She has also been a research assistant and an instructor at Indiana – Purdue University Fort Wayne. She is a certified community mediator and certified youth professional and has served on a variety of community boards and committees including: United Way’s Partner Agency Executives Committee, Family Issues Committee, Youth Professionals Committee, Advisory Board for Harlan Christian Youth Center, Campaign for African American Achievement, Teen Court Conference planning committee, Family Issues Committee, and the Community Service Council.

Sally Miller

Sally holds an AAS in Early Childhood Education. Sally has been with the Center for Nonviolence since 2001 and has worked with the community since 1994 – working for East Wayne Head Start as a lead Teacher and Family Service Liaison before coming to the Center. Sally’s passion for working with people is exhibited in her work – providing clients and staff with outstanding service and support, often referred to as the “heart and soul” of the Center for Nonviolence!


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