Women’s Support and Education Groups

Services are provided in English and Spanish

For those healing from abusive relationships

By structuring each group meeting around a topic, women are able to regain a sense of respect for themselves and apply their learning toward changing their lives. We believe when given an opportunity to interact in an environment of respect and affirmation, women who have suffered through victimization can heal. Groups are offered at the Center and in Bluffton, IN.

Free of charge

Voluntary attendance (non-referral group) 

Childcare Provided for ages 0-12yrs.

Mujeres Unidas

Mujeres Unidas

Latinas helping Latinas. These groups are facilitated in Spanish by bi-lingual and bi-cultural facilitators. The groups offer support and education for women in our community in the areas of domestic violence, health, social services, culture, housing, and legal issues. Our groups provide safety, confidentiality, and respect to all our participants and their children. These groups are offered two different times during the week.The groups are:

Free of Charge

Voluntary Attendance

Childcare Provided for ages 0-12yrs.

Limited Transportation is available


LGBTQ Youth Support Group


The Center for Nonviolence GSA offers a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQA youth who wish to build community, discuss issues affecting their lives without fear of harrassment, and join with others in promoting safety and respect for all people, regardless of gender identity or romantic orientation. The GSA is faciliated by trained and certified professionals and steps are taken to protect participants' privacy and confidentiality. The GSA meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. For more information, contact Elka Jackson at 456-4112 x103.


COMING SOON..... The Center for Nonviolence LGBTQ Women's Support Group!!




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