Mother’s Intervention Program

Mothers are referred to this group because their children have experienced domestic violence, child abuse, and/or neglect. The focus of the curriculum for this 26 week program is for mothers:
 -To recognize various forms of violence in themselves and others
 -To be accountable for their actions and choices
 -To be able to problem solve ways to guide children’s behavior
 -To recognize the effects abuse as it is passed from one generation to the next

Fees based on a sliding scale.


Women’s Violence Intervention Program

Women are referred to these groups due to their use of violence. Women range from being primary aggressors to primary victims.  Participants are accessed and enrolled in a 29 week curriculum based on a Duluth model which emphasizes: 
        - Accountability for violence
        - Understanding power & control dynamics in relationships
        - Developing the ability to think critically 
        - Nonviolence skill building. 
Fees based on a sliding scale.


 Program Flyer




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