Peace in the Streets Rally

Anger Management/Violence Intervention

Participants sign a contract agreeing that they are willing to learn about and practice nonviolence by attending two one-on-one meetings with staff and 12 interactive group sessions for a total of 14 sessions.   Read more

Critical Thinking/Thinking Errors Program

Participants sign a contract agreeing to learn about and put into practice critical thinking and nonviolence skills. The participant will attend a one-on-one intake conference and seven sessions. At the completion of the 7th session, the staff will assess the participant's progress to determine if they have qualified for early release or whether they will be extended to the full program (14 sessions).   Read more


Program Flyer




School Based Program

The FACES Leadership Program is an elementary school-based program that offers disadvantaged youth ages 5-11 a transformative 21 weeklong program that teaches and inspires them to develop the leader within – to transform the image of leadership through conflict resolution – one student…one school…one community at a time. The program is designed to create a leadership team – a network of students, kindergarten – 5th graders, who will eventually change the culture in their school by turning students who struggle with issues of bullying and defiance into students who are leading their peers and their school through positive peer interactions and involvement. The FACES Leadership program has been successfully inspiring the growth of nontraditional leaders for the past three years in Fort Wayne Community Schools in Indiana. With your contribution, disadvantaged youth will have the opportunity to learn life-changing nonviolent leadership-building skills.  Read More


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